Through organizing and speaking to neighbors, it has become clear that making our neighborhoods more healthy for residents is what a lot of folks want. Providing better jobs and stable housing goes a long way towards this goal. But other things must be done.

Local health and wellness clinics that hire local residents must be prioritized. This is imperative for aging neighbors, and other neighbors for whom mobility may be more challenging. It would also save taxpayers money because it would cut down on emergency room visits. It would also have served us better this past year during COVID-19, when the lack of healthcare facilities was on full display, as were the deleterious results of that. 

Creating opportunities for local food sovereignty should be another priority. Neighbors want easy access to affordable, healthy food. Local food growth is also better for the planet, and creates local opportunities for community building and education.

Community- and publicly-owned buildings show promise in addressing this need

Learn more about one such initiative by the Astoria Urban Agriculture Alliance

While we have begun thinking about this, our goal is to meet with grassroots groups across the borough to expand and firm up our thinking.